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Monthly Archives: May, 2012

Midweek inspirations vol_2.21

Hello summer and hello to you all! I know that all the inspirations are outside at this time of the year, but still here is the short list of things … Continue reading

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Midweek inspirations vol_2.20

Do you still feel that eager to learn new things? Either from professional side or personal interests. To be honest,  I am so afraid to wake up one morning and … Continue reading

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Midweek inspirations vol_2.19

Recently the best inspiration for me became nature and fresh air. That’s why the blog is so quiet. But I’m not gonna make excuses, instead I hope that everyone, without … Continue reading

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First picnic in 2012

I’m so glad that this year I could enjoy the first picnic with my family. It was an amazing sunny day, lots of food, laugh and endless talks. Every weekend … Continue reading

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