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Food Lover: Ali Khurram Tirmezi

I’ve always imagined that I will have such posts in my blog when I started to write it. Because food is more than just pretty plated matching ingredients. It brings not only flavours, but also memories. Or creates new ones. Therefore I’m glad to share the first conversation with a food lover. Hope you’ll enjoy it!

Palak Ghost recipe here

What do you do in your life?

I work in restaurant management in the UK and in my spare time I travel, cook, meet friends, fly kites, go for long drives… if I have the time!

Please describe a perfect lunch for you.

It depends where I am, if I am in Spain then it could be garlic prawns for starter and “Carne a la piedra” for the main course, accompanied with home-made fries and salad. If I am in London then it could be a hot salt beef sandwich from Selfridges, if I am in Pakistan then I will go for local street food.

What always can be found in your fridge?

I like my ingredients as fresh as possible, so I tend to do the shopping just before cooking. The contents of my fridge are quite average: milk, cheese, juice and, of course yoghurt for all my spicy food. I also have some Spanish cured beef for snacks (I love cecina).

What’s the most versatile spice?

I would say coriander is the most versatile spice. I tend to use the fresh green leaves both for cooking and in salads, but I also keep a jar of dried leaves in my cupboard just in case. Ground seeds are also a must in Pakistani cuisine and in many dishes from around the world.

Do you have any current ingredient or dish obsession?

I am in love with Lamb Karahi (fried lamb) which is made with fresh herbs and spices and served with roti or naan bread.

What’s your comfort food?

My comfort food has to be my mother’s cooking. She cooks really nice curries and Chinese dishes and now I have only the chance to eat her food once a year. But when she comes around to the UK she leaves my freezer well stocked with her cooking for a few months!
Thanks for the conversation!

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