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Midweek inspirations vol_2.11

So, my dearests, it’s time to crawl out of winter bearing and enjoy every delightful moment that is given to us. Throw away that winter lazyness and give more colours to your mood. Here is this week’s finds:

Song: “Dreams” Fleetwood Mac.

Photography: amazing nature photography by Corey Arnold.

Blogs: best DIY blogs 2012.

Art: just unbelievable piece of art and talent. I know, it is old one, but couldn’t resist to share it in my blog.

Food: TheKitchen made list of 13 cheeses that everyone should know. Check out!

Video: cooking with lego. Sweet video that realy made my day!

DIY: door project. Already in my plans, just J. doesn’t know that yet.

Shine on,



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This entry was posted on March 14, 2012 by in Inspirations.

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